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PCBA Assembly & Box Build

Micro-electronics & Hybrid Assembly

Magnetics & Power Supplies

Fibre Optics & Optronics

Cable Assemblies & Wire Harness

Plastic Injection Molding

Sheet Metal Fab

Metal Stamping

Precision Machining

Tools & Molds Fabrication

Order Fulfilment & Logistics

Depot Services

Reverse Logistics & Repair Services

Manufacturing  Engineering

DFX Analysis

Test Engineering & Automatic Test Development

Obsolescence Management

NPI Process & Prototyping

Hardware Design

Analog & Digital Circuit Design

RF & Microwave Circuit and Antenna Design

FPGA Development

Firmware Development

Power Supply & Energy Systems Design

Transformers & Magnetics Design 

Fibre Optics & Optoelectronics Design

Industrial Design & Ergonomics

Mechanical Enclosure & Components Design

Molds & Tool Design

End to End, Built to Spec Product Design

US Based Program Management



Enterprise Automation

Digital Transformation Software-–Mobility, Cloud, IoT, Predictive & Machine Learning

Medical Diagnostic

Communication Software--Wi-Fi, BT, ZigBee, RF, 3G/5G

Process Control

Aerospace, Avionics

Industrial Monitoring & Control / SCADA

Energy Management

Smart-Grid & Big-Data Analytics

GIS Application Development, Data Development (Specialized LiDAR Data Processing), Building Information Modeling (BIM) & Consultancy

Automotive Infotainment, Cluster, V2V & EV Charging Solutions